‘Boy Swallows Universe’

‘Boy Swallows Universe’ by Trent Dalton

I read ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ by Trent Dalton a few months back, and decided to create this! The eye color and freckles on young Eli are colored and based off a photo of the author. It hurt not to put Pluto in this graphic but I guess I felt accuracy was more important (sorry, Pluto, you’re still my boy).

Quick personal note: I grew up in a very poor section of the Bronx. Dangerous but people cared about one another, and meant well. I don’t know much about Australia, but reading this reminded me of my childhood. The stories are different, but the feelings the same. Who knew? A chaotic urban upbringing around people who are considered criminals (and are) doesn’t mean that there isn’t love, understanding, and patience living there, too. ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ will remind you of that.

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