Who Doesn’t Love a Good Scary Movie?

Video snap collage of a selection of movies discussed in ‘Behind the Horror’

Oh my. This. Book.

If you love horror, true crime documentaries, psychological thrillers, or just a good ghost story, Behind the Horror by Lee Mellor is a must-read. Each chapter discusses the real life events that inspired a movie (or group of connected movies such as The Conjuring and Annabelle). Movies that shaped pop culture (Psycho, Jaws), others that have just come out in the past few years and still managed to shock audiences despite the belief in the early 2000’s that everything that could have been done, had been done. The Witch is a perfect example.

Not for the faint of heart, as there is a lot of graphic detail that needed to be told so there’s an understanding of why an even was adapted to the silver screen the way that it was, and all the parts left out to appeal to an audience. If you’re like me: someone who actually works with the people they make movies about but can still enjoy (or pan) a crazy thriller on my off time, you’ll appreciate the research, attention to detail, and the lack of conspiracy ‘takes’ that went into each chapter of this book.

Like they say, if you think you know already, no. You don’t. Too often we hear a vague rumor about a movie being based on something real. Or we see that message flash on the screen before a movie begins that says it’s ‘based on real life events’, but then you find out it really kinda wasn’t and Hollywood still got your hard earned cash. This book gives you the goods, while also pointing out the stories that have since been debunked or seriously embellished by movie studios.

I recommend you read this around Halloween. Perfect to get you freaked out and paranoid in time for the festivities.

Available at your nearest retailer, Amazon or on Audible.

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