Inspiration: ‘ The Sound of Gravel’ by Ruth Wariner

This is in honor of Ruth Wariner’s 2016 memoir The Sound of Gravel. The book is a jaw dropping account of survival and perseverance of a young girl raised in an abusive and impoverished polygamist cult based in Mexico. Oh, how people will twist religion (and live in another country to avoid the American justice system) to justify truly awful behavior.

Breakdown of this piece:

The little girl is based on the author herself, in an outfit I saw in a picture she posted on her website. The statement to the right of little girl Ruth is edited down from this quote from Wariner’s memoir:

The tree represents the protection and stability we should give our children, and too often isn’t, during the worst of storms. Weathered but wise.

The memoir is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and on Audible (narrated by the author).

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