Review: ‘Bunny’ by Mona Award

My Oprah nope meme makes a return for another bad book. I haven’t used it in a while, so it was a good run.

Bunny by Mona Award tries too hard. I wanted to like this so bad. Story about an outcast graduate student who falls into the depths of a bitch cult? Count me in. Except this wasn’t close to good. Imagine, if you will, a pack of high pitched fake voiced Ivankas as the main antagonists along with a witches brew storyline featuring the ingredients of Heathers, Mean Girls, Pretty In Pink, Fight Club, American Psycho, She’s All That, Joker, Donnie Darko, and Bridesmaids. Except when you put all those things together it’s nothing more than an orgy of “whaaaaaatttt”, “get to the point” and, “is it over yet?”

My final thoughts on the matter can only be truly expressed with the following: