Lost Girls

Piece inspired by Lost Girls.

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker was heartbreaking. Finally, a book that sheds light into the victim, and not the narcissistic killer getting off on the attention. This was adapted into a Netflix movie but is still very much worth the read, because the movie left out a lot of detail (which is understandable because you can’t put it all in when there are so many victims, and there are layers to everyone’s story).

How does a girl end up as a sex worker? Why does she keep doing it despite the dangers? Her family… what are they like? Why are they considered less than important because the prescription is that they put themselves out there? As if to say, men are going to do this so women (and men) who are in this line of work..deserve it? What is this life really like? This delves into all of that, which is as interesting as it is horrifying.

What’s creepy about the Gilgo Beach murders (it is believed that most of the women connected with a John on Craigslist so he was called the Craigslist murderer in the beginning) is that they are still unsolved. Long Island is a weird place to begin with, but to think there is a serial killer who is still free -someone likely with money and connections- makes your skin crawl. This is less about the police investigation, and more about the victims, their families, the people living on Gilgo Beach, the media (the writer overheard a tv crew talk say “who cares, these are whores), and of course the conspiracy theories.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the “lost girls” did to survive. Prostitution has been around forever, and yes, it’s easy money but none of them want to be doing this. And if you happen to pay a prostitute for sex, just know she’s faking it lol. They are drug addicted, without family support, and need to eat. And even if they did like this life (they don’t), no one deserves to be killed and dumped in a beach as if they are garbage.

Not having seen any police report, my investigation experience and history of profiling tells me that this was done by someone who lives or lived very close to Gilgo Beach. I think it’s one man, and I think he did it all – including killing the toddler who he knew would be a witness. And I think he’s getting help covering his role in this up, and that’s why the police are being careful. If they arrest someone and there isn’t a conviction based on a family member or neighbor giving an alibi, that destroys any closure for families and it releases him back out so he can kill more. I don’t know who is doing this, but I would love for him to be caught. I also think he’s done dropping bodies in Gilgo Beach, and if he is alive, is killing somewhere else. He can’t help himself. I think that’s how he’ll be caught.

Rating: 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️