The Righteous Gemstones

My latest artlab creations are inspired by the freakin hilarious show The Righteous Gemstones (New episodes Sunday night on HBO (10pm eastern) Some background info on what you’re looking at: Based on each character’s personality, I picked their gemstone and its respective zodiac sign. I don’t know enough about astrology so this took some googling. But once I got each color and symbol down, this took on a life of its own.

Brushes used: calligraphy, round paint, acrylic paint, watercolor (for Eli), airbrush (soft). Likeness of each character hand drawn with calligraphy brush. Custom font created with Fontforge.

South Park Holiday Series

Quick background. love the South Park Christmas album so I’ll be posting teenage versions I made of these hilarious characters (and their parents). Some based on the songs from the soundtrack. This series was so much fun to do! Enjoy.