Sage Advice…

“Read. Everything you can get your hands on. Read until words become your friends. Then when you need to find one, they will jump into your mind, waving their hands for you to pick them. And you can select whichever you like, just like a captain choosing a stickball team.”- Karen Witemeyer

The Little Ship

To say I’ve had my share of loss in my life would be an understatement. I never knew my mother. My own child died. My best friend in 2016. Many others. And of course furry friends who have crossed that rainbow bridge. I heard ‘The Little Ship’ years ago when Maria Shriver read it at Tim Russert’s funeral and it always stayed with me. So I decided to do a little drawing because I was thinking about it after a funeral I attended a few weeks back. I decided to draw animals, but the words apply to us all. If you happen to come across this post and are grieving, I hope it gives you some measure of comfort..wherever you may be in the world.

Going Into Space

With billionaires flying themselves into space for what is nothing more than a joyride, this poem I came across seems to very much apply to the disparities we still face today. It was written in 1971. Poem: ‘Going Into Space’ by Francis Becenti.