Merry Stitchmas Season!

Ohh these were fun to make as gifts! The designs are by the Geeky Stitching Co. Did my first wrapping of the embroidery hoop on the penguin and bon bon x-stitch to add some flair and am happy with the result! Will definitely be doing that again in the future.

Merry Stitch-mas!

For The Love of Orcas

I enjoyed stitching this orca landscape. Design by @pigeoncoopdesigns

My Ted Talk!: We all can do our part to protect marine life – recycle, avoid plastic, don’t litter, don’t flush your meds! and support endangered species through funding and awareness. Hold poachers and oil companies responsible. We can do this!

A Modern Family

Stitched by Laney

This one took me so long to complete it traveled from NY to Iceland to Ireland and back! It literally crossed the Atlantic!

Finished size: 6 1/4.x 9 inches

Designer: Angelina Ivanova

Artist: Yulia Koryakina