Shout out of the day: Kenneth Lonergan

I first discovered Kenneth Lonergan when I read the play ‘The Waverly Gallery’, which was about a boy watching his grandmother die of Alzheimer’s disease. At the time, I was watching MY grandmother die of the same, and visited her regularly at a nursing home in the Bronx. While Waverly Place was hard for me to read, knowing others also had this experience made me feel less alone. NY might be populated, but when you are going through heartbreak, you feel very much alone. Lonergan helped me.

I drew this piece (techniques and medium: acrylic, airbrushes, calligraphy pen) -in honor of Mr. Lonergan, a fellow Bronx-born artist and inspiration. I’m assuming he is no longer in the Bronx- like I’m not – but still very much shaped by having lived there.

Every film and play he has created has been stellar, and really speaks to the human condition. Stories with memorable characters navigating through the most difficult of circumstances. He’s made me laugh and cry. He’s made me laugh while I cry. Here’s to artists like Lonergan who exude a quiet strength. After all, only someone with that quality could give us unforgettable stories like: #Thisisouryouth #Margaret #TheWaverlyGallery #YouCanCountOnMe #AnalyzeThis #manchesterbythesea #gangsofnewyork #LobbyHero